IDEAL: Intelligent Decarbonized and Low Emissions Power Generation


Project funded by  Agencia Estatal de Investigación (PID2019-108592RB-C41-C42-C43-C44 / AEI / 10.13039/501100011033)

The project IDEAL aims to contribute to the global objetive of the European Union and of the Spanish Goverment on CO2 emissions reduction and systems efficiency by developing chemical (combustion) and electrochemical (fuel, cells and batteries) systems based on sustainable hydrogen, hydrogen-derived fuels (ammonia, biofuels, and synthetic fuels, such as methane or DME) and reformate gas

About Ideal

The main objetive of the IDEAL project is to facilitate the penetration of renewable energies in sectors (such as transport, heating and industry) for which electricity is not currently the form of energy at the point of end use and cannot take advantage of the great potencial of CO2 reduction of the electricity generated using green energy sources (wind and sun, mainly)

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About Ideal

CO2 emissions reduction

Previous Projects

  • Efficient combustion of biofuels with application to portable power generation (e-BioComb) ENE2015-65852-C2-1R/2-R, 2016-2019
  • Sustainable Combustion Research (SCORE) CSD2010-00011, 2011-2015.
  • Development of predictive tools for hydrogen gas turbines (HysyCom) S2009/ENE-1597, (2010-2013).
  • Fluid dynamic aspects of hudrogen combustion (HyComb) ENE2008-06515*C01/04, 2009-2011.
  • Clean Combustion: Analysis, Modeling and Simulation (COMLIMAMS)



News & Publications

The latest news and information about the IDEAL project


Title: Non-adiabatic modulation of premixed-flame thermoacoustic frequencies in slender tubes
Authors:E Flores-Montoya, V Muntean, M Sánchez-Sanz, D Martínez-Ruiz
Journal: Journal of Fluid Mechanics 933
Publication date: January 2022.

Title: Flame initiation near a cold isothermal wall: Ignition by an instantaneous thermal dipole
Authors: VN Kurdyumov, C Jiménez, M Sánchez-Sanz
Journal: Combustion and Flame 234, 111643
Publication date: 2021.

Title: Three-dimensional simulations of lean H2-Air flames propagating in a narrow gap: on the validity of the quasi-two-dimensional approximation
Authors: J Melguizo-Gavilanes, D Fernández-Galisteo, A Dejoan, M Sánchez-Sanz, V Kurdyumov
International Conference on Hydrogen Safety Sep 2021, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. ffhal-03424213
Publication date: September 2021.

Title: Micro-combustion modelling with RBF-FD: A high-order meshfree method for reactive flows in complex geometries
Authors: V Bayona, M Sánchez-Sanz, E Fernández-Tarrazo, M Kindelan
Journal: Applied Mathematical Modelling 94, 635-655
Publication date: June 2021.

Closing knowledge gaps regarding Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Derived fuels


IDEAL aims at closing knowledge gaps regarding Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Derived fuels (ammonia, biofuels, biogas) to develop or adapt existing appliances to carbon-free fuels. You can write us an email or contact us through our contact form.

Project funded by  Agencia Estatal de Investigación (PID2019-108592RB-C41-C42-C43-C44 / AEI / 10.13039/501100011033)


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